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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fantasy baseball: Early 2012 rankings -- catchers

Last week, we broke down the top 12 catchers in fantasy baseball following the news of Victor Martinez's knee injury.

In the first of a 10-part series leading into the start of spring training, we're going to give you our top 20. In the next couple weeks, we'll follow with the top players at first base, second base, shortstop, third base, designated hitter, the outfield, starting pitcher, closer and the overall top 100.

Note: All players are ranked at the positions at which they are expected to spend the most time in 2012, not all positions at which they are eligible. ... Stats are from 2011.

Rank, player, team R-HR-RBI-SB-Avg.
1. Carlos Santana, Indians 84-27-79-5-.239
2. Brian McCann, Braves 51-24-71-3-.270
3. Mike Napoli, Rangers 72-30-75-4-.320
4. Buster Posey, Giants 17-4-21-3-.284
5. Alex Avila, Tigers 63-19-82-3-.295
6. Joe Mauer, Twins 38-3-30-0-.287
7. Miguel Montero, Diamondbacks 65-18-86-1-.282
8. Matt Wieters, Orioles 72-22-68-1-.262
9. Jesus Montero, Mariners 9-4-12-0-.328
10. Yadier Molina, Cardinals 55-14-65-4-.305
11. Russell Martin, Yankees 57-18-65-8-.237
12. Wilson Ramos, Nationals 48-15-52-0-.267
13. J.P. Arencibia, Blue Jays 47-23-78-1-.219
14. Geovany Soto, Cubs 46-17-54-0-.228
15. Kurt Suzuki, Athletics 54-14-44-2-.237
16. Salvador Perez, Royals 20-3-21-0-.331
17. Chris Iannetta, Angels 51-14-55-6-.238
18. Nick Hundley, Padres 34-9-29-1-.288
19. Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers 45-12-59-2-.265
20. A.J. Pierzynski, White Sox 38-8-48-0-.287

Last three out: John Buck, Marlins; Carlos Ruiz, Phillies; Devin Mosoraco, Reds.

Eligibility notes: Santana and Napoli can play first base, but obviously are much more valuable in fantasy behind the plate.

Key stats: Napoli achieved his lofty numbers in only 369 at-bats last season. His career year, not coincidentally, occurred in a season in which he cut down on his strikeouts. In his six-year career, Napoli has fanned once every 3.5 at-bats. Last season, he struck out once per 4.3 at-bats. Hey, it's progress.

NEXT: First basemen

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