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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A fond farewell

I just finished my final column for The News-Herald -- a ranking of the top 12 fantasy football players for 2013.

If that seems like a silly endeavor, you might be right. But it sure is fun.

The column will be published online Friday night and, space permitting, in the print editions on Saturday.

It seems a fitting way to exit The N-H, which I am leaving after 13 years for a position as assistant editor at Crain's Cleveland Business.

It was time for a new challenge, which, like taking Trent Richardson in the first round next September, can be scary.

This is the 375th post in this blog's history, and I've thoroughly enjoyed interacting with many of you via email and Twitter.

Fantasy sports can be extremely frustrating -- did you play against Bryce Brown in Week 12 or 13? How about the Seahawks' defense against the Ryan Lindley-John Skelton platter in Week 14? -- but they're also an escape.

They allow us to be the general manager, coach, team president and frustrated fan.

They add to the television viewing experience -- and at times, take away from it.

But they never stop entertaining.

Hopefully, this blog provided you many of those same emotions -- minus the Lindley-Skelton anger.

You can find me on Twitter and email future questions to

Good luck, and start a defense against Arizona until further notice.

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